What are the benefits for me as a NWS Reseller?

NCS is designed to generate additional service work for Authorised NWS Resellers and Service Agents.

Who are NCS?

National Computer Services (NCS) is a wholely owned division of National Warranty Services, Australia's leading PC & IT warranty company offering comprehensive high quality warranty services all around Australia.

NWS want to leverage their huge base of Resellers and Service Agents, and our on-line in-house systems, to offer IT service providers, VARs, and non-IT national companies, Australia-wide installation, maintenance and on-site capacity.

This in turn means additional service work for NWS Resellers and Service Agents around Australia.

What advantages do NCS offer IT service Providers, VARs, and national companies?


  • A one-stop shop for national roll-outs, maintenance programs, or just Australia-wide on-site support.
  • Scalable on-site resources based on individual site and project requirements.
  • Massively shortened project time possible with simultaneous Australia-wide roll-outs and maintenance programs
  • High priority Australia-wide on-site response.
  • On-line project management & tracking.
  • Fix price quoted costs, per job, per site, per project.
  • Outsourced one-off project infrastructure costs, eg call centre staff.
  • Pay single consolidated invoice at end of month.